Studia Geotechnica et Mechanica

Editors: Marek Cała, Dariusz Łydżba, Wojciech Puła
Honorary Editor: Ryszard J. Izbicki

Managing Editor: Adrian Różański

Online ISSN 2083-831X
Index 376450

An international journal ‘Studia Geotechnica et Mechanica’ covers new developments in the broad areas of geomechanics as well as structural mechanics. The journal welcomes contributions dealing with original theoretical, numerical as well as experimental work. The following topics are of special interest:
  • Constitutive relations for geomaterials (soils, rocks, concrete, etc.)
  • Modeling of mechanical behaviour of heterogeneous materials at different scales
  • Analysis of coupled thermo-hydro-chemo-mechanical problems
  • Modeling of instabilities and localized deformation
  • Experimental investigations of material properties at different scales
  • Numerical algorithms: formulation and performance
  • Application of numerical techniques to analysis of problems involving foundations, underground structures, slopes and embankment
  • Risk and reliability analysis
  • Analysis of concrete and masonry structures
  • Modeling of case histories

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Stefaniuk D., Różański A., Łydżba D.
Recovery of microstructure properties: random variability of soil solid thermal conductivity
Vol. 38 (2016), No.1
Pages: 99-107
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Denine S., Della N., Dlawar M. R., Sadok F., Canou J., Dupla J.-C.
Effect of geotextile reinforcement on shear strength of sandy soil: Laboratory study
Vol. 38 (2016), No.4
Pages: 3-13
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Bagińska I., Kawa M., Janecki W.
Estimation of spatial variability of lignite mine dumping ground soil properties using CPTu results
Vol. 38 (2016), No.1
Pages: 3-13
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Wymysłowski M., Kurałowicz Z.
Study of displacements of a bridge abutment using FEM
Vol. 38 (2016), No.2
Pages: 61-70
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Bartlewska-Urban M., Zombroń M., Strzelecki T.
Numerical analysis of road pavement thermal deformability, based on Biot viscoelastic model of porous medium
Vol. 38 (2016), No.1
Pages: 15-22
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Current Issue: Vol. 40 (2018), No.2

Dołżyk-Szypcio K.
Stress–dilatancy relationship for railway ballast
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Truty A.
On consistent nonlinear analysis of soil–structure interaction problems
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Youcef Mahmoudi, Abdellah Cherif Taiba, Leila Hazout, Wiebke Baille, Mostefa Belkhatir
Influence of Soil Fabrics and Stress State on the Undrained Instability of Overconsolidated Binary Granular Assemblies
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Młynarek Z., Wierzbicki J., Wołyński W.
Use of functional cluster analysis of CPTU data for assessment of a subsoil rigidity
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Srokosz P., Dyka I., Bujko M.
Interpretation of shear modulus degradation tests
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Cafaro F., Miticocchio E., Marzulli V.
Remarks On The Sources Of Error In The Modelling Of Lunar Geotechnical Structures
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Bartlewska-Urban M., Strzelecki T.
Application of Genetic Algorithms for the Estimation of Hydraulic Conductivity
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Kalisz P., Zięba M.
Influence of Soil Deformation Caused by Mining on Sewage Pipelines Built Using The Pipe Jacking Method
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Hydzik-Wiśniewska J., Wilk A., Bednarek Ł., Olesiak S.
Mixture of Crushed- Stone Aggregate as Material For Substructure Layers
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